Thursday, February 04, 2016

Farfetch Curates Food, Design, And Art

There are three books curated by Farfetch, then I made this little reading space at stairs with mouton lug. These books, Food, Design, and Art are very great and I haven't seen like these books. The concept of Farfetch is "For Fashion Lovers, Not Followers" on Unfollow. I love it very much because of same one of my book "Fashion Holic Way". I wrote and drew about trend that is not chase but make opportunity to review my style. If I want to add new essential something, I will go shopping. If I have something like the trend, I will make new outfit from my closet.
FARFETCHがキュレーションした本が三冊揃ったので、階段にムートンラグを敷いて小さな読書コーナーを作りました。FOOD、DESIGN、ARTのどの本も、今まで見た事がない素敵な内容です。FARFETCHのコンセプトはUnfollowを見るとよく分かります。キャッチコピーの、"ファッションを追いかけるものではなく、ファッションを愛する人達へ"、"流行は追わない、マイスタイルを貫く「アンフォロワー」たち。" 、まさに『平松昭子のファッションホリック道』です。流行はチェックはするけど追いかけず、自分のスタイルを見直す機会と考えています。新しいエッセンスを取り入れたい時はお買い物しますし、手持ちの物でアレンジできそうな時は頭を使います。

To tell the truth, Saint Laurent collection book is my note book. The photos by Hedi Slimane inspires me. Farfetch have a lot of Saint Laurent. I often see them and add on my wish list. The button to mark for favorite items is star! It is so cool!

At night, it is special time when I read books near a heater in quiet winter night. My son, Anji is a student preparing for an examination, had a break. I wore Rika knit and enjoyed reading the art book. The size is similar to iPad, so I would love to go out with it!!
夜になりました。ストーブを置いて静かな冬の夜の読書は、特別な時間のようです。受験生のアンジ君は週刊プレイボーイで息抜き。私はRIKAの星柄のニットでART本を眺めるのが好きです。 iPadくらいのサイズ感がとってもかわいいので、お出かけにも連れていきたいです。


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