Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bomber Jackets For Spring

Patrizia Pepe jacket, Uniqlo knit, Tan pants, Christian louboutin heels, Zara necklace, kate spade new york watch and clutch, Saint Laurent wallet, Gucci sunglasses, The Dallas earrings

Yesterday was St. Valentine's Day. Although lots of herts in the air were flying, I wanted more paints than chocolates. I have to paint an India ink painting for my job, but I haven't been painting it for a log time. I got new water colors for an India ink painting. The water colors seems muddy on the paper at first, but it becomes beautiful and shiny. I make the color of pink from Gofun (the color of white) and Beni (similar red) in a palet of water colors. By the way, I wore this pink bomber jacket in today's photos. Pink feels like spring! I don't have many jackets and coats for spring, and I checked on Shopbop. There are some great bomber jackets, and I fell in love with the gold one from Phillip Lim. This model wears it on white clothes though, I think it suits a floral dress much too!

昨日はバレンタインデーでした。街中にハートが飛んでいる中、チョコレートよりも画材を探し求めて渋谷のウエマツに行ってきました。久しぶりに水墨画のお仕事をいただいたので、新しい顔彩を購入。顔彩は、水で濡れている時は地味な色ですが、乾くと高貴な発色に変わります。ピンク色は、胡粉の白と紅色を混ぜて少しマットなピンクにするのがお気に入りです。さて、今日の写真はPatrizia Pepeのボンバージャケットで少し春らしくしてみました。春気分になれるアウターはあまり持っていないのでShopbopをのぞいてみると、Phillip Limのゴールドのボンバーに一目惚れしました。画像のように白のアイテム以外にも、花柄のワンピースにも良く合いそうです。

re:named Satin Bomber Jacket ¥7,166 ¥5,016 | $44.10 (30% off)/ findersKEEPERS Claude Bomber Jacket ¥23,888 ¥16,721 | $147.00 (30% off)/ IRO.JEANS Adrienne Bomber Jacket ¥73,710 | $648.00/ 3.1 Phillip Lim Bomber Jacket with Shirting ¥96,688 | $850.00


  1. Beautiful and elegant. Very chic! :)

  2. I love bombers and yours looks soo perfect! very elegant and spring look!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. Lovely outfit and I love the colors.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

    1. Btw I just followed you back, thanks for following my blog.

  4. That bomber jacket is pretty nice, but your pants has stolen the show!:)

  5. You look very chic, Akiko! I saw pink in many S/S collections so you are definitely on trend!! Lovely combination of the jacket with wide trousers .

    New colours surely mean new fantastic illustations!!
    I am still in love with your book! Hope that the English course is going on well! :-)

  6. This is gorgeous! I love blush pink.